Benjamin Henke

I'm a PhD student in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. I was previously a graduate student in Philosophy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

I work in the philosophy of mind, in the philosophy of cognitive science, and in epistemology. I’m currently working on two projects: one concerning the nature of perception given distributed models of mental function, and another concerning the nature of epistemic responsibility.

My curriculum vitae: [PDF]

Recent and Upcoming Events

  • "Degree Encroachment," Symposium at the 2021 Eastern APA
  • "Degree Encroachment," Notre Dame/Northwestern Epistemology Conference (Postponed)
  • "Degree Encroachment," Arché Grad Conference, St. Andrews (Postponed)
  • Visitor at Cambridge University's History and Philosophy of Science Department (Postponed)
  • "Encroachment on Belief-forming Processes," CONCEPT Graduate Conference, Cologne (Cancelled)
  • Comment/Chair for Hille Paakkunainen's "Reasoning and Reasons for Belief," St. Louis Area Conference on Reasons and Rationality (Postponed)
  • "Articulating an Account of Degree Encroachment," Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference (Cancelled)
  • "Responsibility and Epistemic Downgrade of Perception," Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology (Postponed)
  • "Two Senses of 'Perception,'" WIP Series, WashU (February 28, 2020)