Benjamin Henke

I’m a philosopher specializing in the philosophy of mind, cognitive science, and epistemology, with an emphasis on perception.

I argue that perception is functionally disunified—roughly, that the mind solves perception/action problems using multiple complementary computational strategies—and that this has broad implications for the general architecture of the mind and for the epistemic nature of perception. I'm also interested in what it means to believe and act in an epistemically responsible way and I argue that identifying doxastic justification with epistemically responsible belief has advantages over other approaches.

I'm currently a PhD candidate in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. I founded and help run my department's Mind and Perception Group, which hosts several outside speakers each semester.

My curriculum vitae: [PDF]

Recent and Upcoming Events

  • Visitor at Cambridge University's History and Philosophy of Science Department (Summer 2021)

  • Comment/Chair for Hille Paakkunainen's "Reasoning and Reasons for Belief," St. Louis Area Conference on Reasons and Rationality (Postponed until May 2021)

  • "Degree Encroachment," Symposium at the 2021 Eastern APA (January 4-7, 2021)

  • "Responsibility and Epistemic Downgrade of Perception," Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology (Dec. 3-5, 2020)

  • "Functional Division and Zombie Action in Milnare and Goodale’s Two Visual Streams" WashU's WIP Series (August 7, 2020)

  • "Degree Encroachment," Notre Dame/Northwestern Epistemology Conference (Postponed)

  • "Degree Encroachment," Arché Grad Conference, St. Andrews (Postponed)